The колдунья Arc is the seventeenth story arc in the series.

  • Chapter One: Taking place the day after after the previous arc, Blaze returns with Steven to Fort Wallace. Something feels off from the moment of return and it soon dawns upon them that Andy had yet to be heard from. After opening a bag of barbecue potato chips, and with no response, Blaze decides to set out on yet another adventure to rescue to his friend.
  • Chapter Two: Blaze "stumbles" across Tyler whom continuously pushes for the former to follow him without explanation but is denied. Blaze quickly figures out that something is up and inquires about Andy, causing Tyler to attack. The battle is mostly one-sided but is short-lived and as Tyler is about to lose, he claims to have captured Andy as a gift for The Witch- explaining where he disappeared during the events of the Convection Arc. His mind was clouded with doubt but Blaze was still unwilling to lose his only lead.
  • Chapter Three: A heavily injured Tyler leads Blaze across the ruined town. Along the way, Tyler jokingly remarks about how it's getting dark but is interrupted by heavy gunfire, various popping, and screaming in the distance. Eventually they get to their destination, a wooden cabin just outside of Dawn Forest, where a shackled Andy is found inside. Blaze briefly mocks Andy for being captured so easily but is silenced by a sudden strange sound. The supposed hallucinatory magic on Blaze is broken and the shackled Andy shifts into The Witch. Believing he was led into a trap, Blaze has a serious match with Tyler before unleashing his most powerful attack on the shackled Witch. As it would turn out, Blaze was-- at that moment-- under hallucinatory magic unlike before, later leading to Andy's demise. (Andy's abilities, attributes, and bloodlines were nullified by Steven during the Convection Arc.) Tyler pretends to retreat and Blaze goes to comfort the dying Andy before being killed himself. The chapter ends with Tyler laughing and absorbing Blaze's body.
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